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Before & Afters - Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

This is a 40YO lady from Enterprise, Alabama who desires some improvement of her abdomen.  She had some loose skin in the abdominal area as well as some fullness in her flank area.  She desired to have the abdomen flat.  She underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of the flanks.  She has done quite well with this.  Right now, she has a very flat abdomen and a good shape to the waist area.  She should be able to maintain these results for many years.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53184

This is a healthy lady who had a prior augmentation mastopexy with saline implants.  At that time, her nipple areolar complexes were large and I was not able to get all the areola pigment out of the mastopexy. There was some areola pigment left on the midline scar associated with the mastopexy.  She wished her breasts rounded and the pigment removed from the breast skin.  She also was participating in a fitness competition and wanted to minimize the animation seen with submuscular implants.  She had children and had some loose skin on her abdomen.  All of her muscles were tight.  At the time of the redo aug/mastopexy with conversion to a subglandular plane, she had an abdominoplasty.  The scar was placed low where it could be hidden within intimate clothing.  This resulted in an elevated, flattened, and triangular mons.  The suctioning gave some contour to the midline of the abdomen and at the junction between the rectus abdominis muscles and the external obliques.  She has gotten a very nice result.  The scars are only 2 months out and they will continue to fade over time.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-43553

This is a 45YO lady from Destin, Florida who desires some cosmetic improvement of her abdomen.  She is in an environment where she wears bikinis and revealing clothing often.  She does not like the excessive fat in her flanks and the protuberance of her abdomen. She underwent an abdominoplasty with liposuction of the flanks.  As you can tell from her post op pictures, her abdomen is much more flat and she now has a good shape to her waist.  She can wear any type of clothing that she desires.

This procedure is done as an overnight stay at the hospital.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53108

These are pre-op and 2 month post-op photographs of a female who wished some improvement in her truncal contour.  She had prior breast implants which did beautifully.  She was an exercise buff and in spite of several children had maintained pretty good muscle tone.  On exam prior to surgery, she had a rounded abdomen with loose skin and she had large flank collections that hid her upper border of her buttocks.  She underwent an excision of excess abdominal skin with liposuction to create the abdominal muscle contours.  She has suctioning of the flanks and fat grafting of her buttocks. She has gotten and outstanding result. She is extremely pleased with her new contour and how she looks in swimwear and more intimate apparel.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53804

This is 26YO lady from Destin, Florida.  She had a quite protuberant abdomen from previous pregnancies. She also has no shape to the abdomen or the flank area.  She has some excessive rolls of fat in the posterior view.

She underwent an abdominoplasty and liposuction of her flanks and lower back area.  Now she can wear much more tight fitting clothing without being embarrassed.

Photos submitted by Dr. Feagin-53855

This is a 50ishYO female who wished some improvement in her truncal contour.  She is 5’6” tall and weighs about 185lbs.  She has had several pregnancies and wanted improvement primarily in her abdomen.  She wanted her abdomen flat and the loose skin tightened.  She underwent a conventional abdominoplasty.  The loose muscles were repaired in the midline to tighten and flatten the abdominal contour.  The excess abdominal skin was removed.  This gave her a much improved and more youthful abdominal contour.  It elevated and flattened the mons pubis to also give a more youthful contour.  She had an entirely uneventful recovery.  She is extremely pleased with her results.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-53891

This is a lady that was referred by her OBGYN for consideration for an abdominoplasty in conjunction with a hysterectomy.  She has had several pregnancies and wished improvement in her abdomen and her flanks.  She had on exam a thick abdominal pannus with a mild separation of the rectus muscles that created the rounded appearance of her abdomen.  When she sat down the excess skin that folded out onto her lap was uncomfortable in clothing.  The plan was for an abdominoplasty and also liposuctioning of her flanks.  In the operating room following the hysterectomy, she had an abdominoplasty with liposuction of about 800cc from her abdomen.  She had 700cc of fat removed from her flanks.  These are pre and post op photographs at 2 months after her procedure.  She has gotten a nice, flattened contour of her abdomen with suctioned outlines of the rectus muscles.  Her flanks are now more concave which gives more prominent contour to her buttock shape.  This converts her backside to an “S” contour.  This is a much more feminine shape and gives a more defined waist.  This makes her clothing more comfortable and more attractive.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen- #54414

This is a middle-aged lady who has had 3 pregnancies.  She wants some improvement in her abdomen.  She had primarily loosened abdominal muscles and to a lesser degree excess skin.  She underwent an abdominoplasty with repair of the stretched out abdominal muscles and liposuction.  The redundant skin was removed within a low bikini line scar such that it could be hidden.  The low placement also elevates and triangulates the mons which is a more feminine, youthful contour.  Seen here are before and after that are 2 months following the procedure.  She has gotten a very nice result from the surgery.  As the swelling abates you can see some contouring done on the upper abdomen.  She has resumed the grand majority of her usual activities.  She has a very nice improvement and is pleased with her results.

Photos submitted by Dr. Owen-#54634

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